Payment in installments

If the Buyer wishes to extend the payment over a period of time, he or she can make a payment in installments.

During a payment in installments, all the transactions are created on the days of payment.

Only the first installment can be guaranteed to the Merchant on the condition that their requested capture date is set before the authorization expiry date, depending on the payment method.

At the time of the payment, the validity of the payment method is checked throughout the payment schedule.

This payment mode is not supported by the embedded form.

The list of transactions can be seen at the following address:


It also appears on the list of links in response to a GET ORDER, POST ORDER, or PUT ORDER.

You should note that transactions are generated after the order has been paid. If the link is visited before, the list of transactions is empty.

In order to initialize a payment in installments, simply add the payment_config attribute in the POST ORDER resource when creating the order.

Here is an example of how to use the payment_config attribute:

	"marketplace": "9537e049-8862-400a-ae8d-da2ec9ca6051",
	"payment_config" : "MULTI:first=30000;count=3;period=30"
	"reference": "cmd00053",
	"description": Order",
	"currency": "EUR",
	"url_return": "",


  • By default, the payment is mono-transactional. If the payment_config attribute is not specified when the order is created, it will take the SINGLE value;
  • Once the order is fixed, it is not possible to change the payment_config value. However, some parameters of pending transactions can still be changed (see infra);
  • Payment in installments is currently not compatible with cascading payment (and is therefore not compatible with the Electronic Meal Voucher system).

Two different payments in installments can be defined, depending on whether the Marketplace wishes to automatically create a regular schedule, or define the dates and amounts at its discretion.