Payment initiated by the Merchant

Using a token when creating an order allows to execute payments initiated by the Merchant (“Merchant Initiated Transaction”): the payment is made without interaction with the cardholder.

This functionality can be useful when it comes to subscriptions.

For this, create a payment by token (see chapter Payment by token), then use the execute-mit link returned by the server.

For example:


	"marketplace": "ebfb36ab-2d30-4326-adb9-e16b0c9a89f3",
	"reference": "MKP BURO example",
	"description": "Office supplies order",
	"currency": "EUR",
	"alias": "1144951ea7ab42989c97159b3dfc0382",



In the sever response, the links attribute contains the execute-mit link to be called.

 "links": {
  "execute-mit": {
  "href": “"