Presentation of the Marketplace

The payment gateway offers payment services for Marketplaces that sell products or services on the Internet on behalf of sellers with whom they have signed a commercial agreement to this effect.

The principle of bank flows:

Vocabulary Description
Cash-in Payment made by the buyer to the Marketplace (CB, VISA, etc.).
Cash-out Transfer made by the Marketplace to the Sellers.

Buyers' payments are distributed between sellers' payment accounts. The payment gateway then triggers credit transfers to the bank accounts of Marketplace sellers.

Commission principle

Commission is the percentage of the order amount withdrawn by the Marketplace.


The part allocated to Lyra Collect is deducted from this commission. Therefore, the Marketplace commission should cover the costs of Lyra Collect. For this reason, the total amount of commissions included in the order is checked before the order is paid for.

Calculation of minimum commission

To avoid raising an error when checking the commission, you can first check that the commission amount sent to the marketplace API is greater than or equal to the minimum commission, the formula for which is given below:

Symbol Definition Example 1 Example 2
Commin Minimum commission
a Coefficient of the minimum commission in proportion to the total amount of the order (commission included). 2% 1%
b Fixed commission per transaction €0,50 €0,20
M Commission-free order amount €100,00 €100,00
n Number of order transactions 1 3
vat VAT rate 20% 20%


  • a, b and vat are configured in the marketplace API. If you are not familiar with them, reach out to your sales contact.
  • The marketplace that transmits the order to the marketplace API handles M and n.

The minimum commission is obtained using the following formula according to the order amount excluding commission (M):

With the amounts provided in the example, expressed in cents, the minimum commission is:

Example 1:

Example 2:

The transmitted commission amount should therefore be at least equal to €3.08 in example 1, and €1.95 in example 2.

Submission methods

There are two ways of specifying the commission amount:

  1. The commission is defined within the order: the commission amount is indicated through a commission type item, marked with the attribute is_commission=true. The seller of this item must be a Marketplace seller, i.e. the one whose is_marketplace_seller attribute is set to "true". In this case, the amount of the commission is added to the amount of the other items.

    "items": [
    	"seller": "4d20a9d4-0526-4474-b452-e936dc25418d",
    	"reference": "sub_merchant_product",
    	"description": "Product",
    	"amount": 10000,
    	"quantity": 1
    	"seller": "72ccc2ff-b455-4653-847e-deb6fee99f8d",
    	"reference": "marketplace_commission",
    	"description": "Commission",
    	"amount": 1000,
    	"quantity": 1,
    	"is_commission": true

    In this example, if the order currency is EUR and it contains 2 items, 1 item of €100 and 1 item of a €10 commission, then the total order amount is 100 + 10 = €110.

    The seller will receive €100 and the marketplace will receive €10 (minus the part allocated to Lyra Collect).

  2. The commission is defined within an item: the commission amount is specified by setting the commission_amount attribute of the item. In this case, the amount of the commission is deducted from the amount associated with the item.


    	"seller": "72ccc2ff-b455-4653-847e-deb6fee99f8d",
    	"reference": "abcdef",
    	"description": "Restaurant",
    	"amount": 10000,
    	"quantity": 1,
    	"commission_amount": 1000,
    	"is_commission": false

    In this example, if the order currency is EUR, the item is worth €100 and the commission_amount attribute is set to €10, the Marketplace will receive €10, and the item merchant will receive 100 - 10 = €90.

    This modality is useful for controlling the distribution of commissions between different items (and, therefore, between different sellers).


  • It is possible to combine the two modes, i.e. to define a commission_amount within one or more items, and add a commission type item. In this case, the commissions defined within an order are added to the commissions defined within an item.
  • On the other hand, it does not make sense - and it is not possible - to define a commission_amount for a commission type item.
  • The default value of the is_commission attribute is "false". It is therefore not necessary to indicate this for non-commission items.

An example of creating an order is provided in chapter Making a payment.