Processing data specific to the response of a wallet payment

The data returned in the response can be specific to the acquirer contract declared for the shop.

The Instant Payment Notification URL will contain the following information:

  1. Identify the mode (TEST or PRODUCTION) that was used for creating the transaction by analyzing the value of the vads_ctx_mode field.
  2. Identify the order by retrieving the value of the vads_order_id field if you have transmitted it to the payment gateway. Otherwise, retrieve the value of the vads_trans_id field.
    In case of IPN retry, make sure that the status of the order has not been updated.
  3. Identify the payment result by retrieving the value of the vads_trans_status field.
    The value returned in the vads_trans_status field is specific to the acquirer contract of the shop.
    Value Description

    The transaction has been accepted and will be automatically captured at the bank on the expected date.



    The transaction has been captured by the bank.


    Payment abandoned by the buyer

    The transaction has not been created, and therefore cannot be viewed in the Expert Back Office.



    Cancellation by the buyer, the acquirer or the payment gateway.




    To be validated and authorized



    The expiry date of the authorization request has passed and the Merchant has not validated the transaction. The account of the cardholder will, therefore, not be debited.

    For more information, see the Hosted Payment Page Implementation Guide available in our website.

  4. Store the type of the card used for the payment by retrieving the value of the vads_card_brand field.
    Table 1. Examples of vads_card_brand values
    Value of the vads_card_brand field Description
    CB Payment made with a CB card.
    MASTERCARD Payment made with a Mastercard card.
    VISA Payment made with a Visa card.
    ... ...
  5. You can record the used payment wallet type by retrieving the value of the vads_wallet field.
    Value of the vads_wallet field Wallet type
    GOOGLEPAY Google pay
    PAYPAL Paypal live
    PAYPAL_SBX Paypal Sandbox
    PAYLIB Paylib
    The vads_wallet is present only when a wallet was used for the payment.
  6. Check the amount and the used currency. To do this, retrieve the values of the following fields:
    Field name Description
    vads_amount Payment amount in the smallest currency unit.
    vads_currency Code of the currency used for the payment.
  7. Check the value of the vads_result field to obtain the transaction status.
    The possible values are presented in the following table. They are always the same regardless of the payment method. In case of a failure, you can also check the value of vads_auth_result to obtain additional information on the reason of the failure.
    Value Description
    00 Action successfully completed.
    02 The merchant must contact the cardholder’s bank. (Deprecated)
    05 Action rejected.
    17 Action canceled by the buyer.
    30 Request format error. To be associated with the value of the vads_extra_result field.
    96 Technical error.
  8. Check the value of the vads_auth_result field to identify the result of the authorization request.
    This information is also available in the . To see it, view the transaction details. The return details (code and label) are displayed amongst the details related to the authorization.
    The return code associated with the vads_auth_result field depends on the used payment method and the network to which it belongs.
  9. Record the number of the contract associated with the transaction by retrieving the value of the vads_contract_used field.
  10. Retrieve all the order, buyer and shipping details.
    These details will be provided in the response only of they have been transmitted in the payment form.
    Their values are identical to the ones submitted in the form.
  11. Proceed to order update.