Regular payments: MULTI

In case of a regular schedule, the first payment is made on the day of order creation, and its amount must be specified. The amounts and dates of the following payments are calculated according to the remaining amount and the number and frequency of the installments.

Syntax: the value of payment_config must be prefixed with the “MULTI:” string, followed by key=value pairs separated by “;”.

  • first=: amount of the first installment (expressed in the smallest currency unit).
  • count=: total number of installments.
  • period=: interval in days between 2 installments.


The amount of the last transfer is calculated according to the amount remaining to be paid.

If a round-off is necessary, it is applied.

For example, in case of an order of €1000 placed on January 15, the following payment_config:

	"amount": "100000",
	"payment_config": "MULTI:first=30000;count=4;period=30",
corresponds to a payment in 4 installments, including:
  • A first transfer of €300 on January 15,
  • A second transfer of (1000 - 300) / 3 = €233.33 on February 14,
  • A third transfer of €233.33 on March 16,
  • And a last transfer of €233.34 on April 15.