The cashout process

The transfer object mediates between the transaction and the cashout.

In case of a Marketplace:
  • A transaction may concern several items of several different sub-vendors for a single buyer.
  • A cashout aggregates several transactions of several different orders for a single vendor.

The transfer represents the share that an item occupies for a single transaction (knowing that an order can itself be divided into several transactions).

It is entirely managed by the Marketplace API.

For example, a Marketplace gives Mr Jones the possibility to pay for his following 3 items in 3 installments. Transfers represent the body of the table, while the first column contains the items and the other columns contain the transactions.

  Transactions Total Items
1st installment 2nd installment 3rd installment
Items Computer €740,88 €740,88 €518,23 €1,999,99
Large screen €926,10 €926,10 €647,79 €2,499,99
Sound bar €333,02 €333,02 €232,96 €899,00
Total Transactions €2,000,00 €2,000,00 €1,398,98 €5,398,98

Thus, in this order 9 transfers are generated using a proportional distribution rule. For example, the transfer corresponding to the large screen in the first transaction equals 926,10€ (= 2000,00 x 2499,99 / 5398,98). If you do the exact calculations, you will notice that an item (here, the sound bar) and a transaction (the last one) are used to correct the rounding to the nearest cent.

In the global Marketplace process, the transfer is the smallest unit of an order, and the key to transforming cash-in into cash-out. Since it is at the junction of the two operations, it is generated as soon as the transaction is identified as captured (i.e. its status is SUCCEEDED). It then takes the CREATED status.

Once the cash-out is captured, it changes to the SUCCEEDED status. This status is communicated to the transfer associated with it, whose status also changes to SUCCEEDED.


By definition, products sold by the Marketplace operator itself are not subject to cashouts. Therefore, only the Marketplace sub-merchants are concerned by the transfers. As a result, transfers to the Marketplace (own sales and item commission) retain their CREATED status throughout their lifetime.