Understanding the Marketplace data

Using the login credentials and the unique identifier of your Marketplace (uuid) transmitted by our services, you can access your Marketplace data by calling the resource:

GET /marketplaces/<uuid>

Here is an example of a response for a Marketplace with the address https://secure.lyra.com/marketplace and the uuid 2434c0a2-9d46-4e96-9553-1536c898625b:

GET https://secure.lyra.com/marketplace/marketplaces/2434c0a2-9d46-4e96-9553-1536c898625b

"reference":"Lyra Marketplace",
"description":"Marketplace by the LyraCollect service",

What do we know from this example?
  1. First of all, that the Marketplace is active.
  2. That it corresponds to the shop ID “12345678” with the key “123456789012345”.
    These two pieces of information are accessible via the Expert Back Office and are specified directly by the Lyra Collect services upon the Marketplace registration.
  3. The webhook of this Marketplace is currently located at the following address:
  4. The list of vendors can be found at the following address:
  5. The list of orders can be found at the following address:
  6. Two currencies are enabled within the Marketplace, with separate minimum commission parameters:
    • Euro, with 2% of the pro rata of the total order amount and 10 cents per transaction;
    • Pound sterling, with 1% of the total order amount and 60 pence.