Web service resources

The Marketplace Web Services are available at the following address:

  • Test Mode (integration phase): https://secure.lyra.com/marketplace-test/
  • Production: https://secure.lyra.com/marketplace/

The resources of this API can be found via different HTTP methods:

Resources Action HTTP method URI
Marketplaces Retrieve the list of Marketplaces GET /marketplaces/
Retrieve Marketplace details GET /marketplaces/{id_marketplace}
Sellers Retrieve a provider GET /sellers/{id_seller}
Retrieve the list of providers GET /marketplaces/{id_marketplace}
Orders Create an order POST /orders?expand=items
Modify an order PUT /orders/{id_order}
Retrieve an order GET /orders/{id_order}
Retrieve the list of Marketplace orders GET /orders
Finalize an order and prepare the payment page GET /orders/{id_order}/execute
Finalize an order and retrieve the token of the embedded form GET /orders/{id_order}/embedded-execute
Finalize an order and retrieve the form token initialize the payment via the mobile SDK GET /orders/{id_order}/embedded-execute
Cancel an order DELETE /orders/{id_order}
Items Retrieve an element of an order GET /items/{id_item}
Retrieve order details GET /orders/{id_order}/items
Retrieve provider details GET /sellers/{id_seller}/items
Create an element (item) inside an order POST /orders/{id_order}/items
Unlock the payment of a previously locked item POST /items/{id_item}/activate
Refunds Perform a refund POST /refunds
Retrieve refund details GET /refunds/{id_refund}
Retrieve the list of an order refunds GET /{id_order}/refunds
Update a refund PUT /refunds/{id_refund}/
Delete a refund DELETE /refunds/{id_refund}/
Tokens Create/update a token POST /tokens
Retrieve a simple token request GET /tokens/{id_token}
Retrieve a token request linked to an order GET /tokens/{id_order}
Alias Retrieve token details GET /marketplaces/{id_marketplace}/alias/{id_alias}
Cashouts List the cashouts for the sellers of a marketplace GET /cashouts
Retrieve cashout details GET /cashouts/{id_cashout}