Error handling

File validation error

Error cases Cause of the error
The “REQ” file is always present in the /depot directory. A technical incident prevented the files from being processed. Contact the tech support.
The “ANS” file is absent from the /id directory. Your REQ file has been rejected.

Check for a _ERROR or _DUPLICATE file in the /depot directory.

Presence of an _ERROR file.
  • The file name does not respect the naming rule.
  • The file is empty (its size is 0 bytes).

Presence of a _DUPLICATE file. A file with the same name has already been processed.

Errors while processing the file, visible in the response file

Return code

(position 19)

Additional return code

(position 25)

Cause of the error
30 1 The record code must be set to 02.
30 2 The format of the record sequence number is incorrect.
30 3 The format of the payment date is incorrect.
30 4 The format of the payment time is incorrect.
30 5 The format of the transaction ID is incorrect.
30 6 The transaction type must be populated with CD.
30 7 The amount format is incorrect.
30 8 The currency is unknown or its format is incorrect.
30 13 The format of the order reference is incorrect.
96 contratAccepteur.nomatch.cardtype.notaccepted The contract number defined in position 12 in the query file does not support the type of payment method corresponding to the alias/token defined in position 11.
96 transaction.exist The transaction number defined in position 5 in the query file already exists.