Defines the type of payment: immediate or installment.

  • For a single payment, the value must be set to SINGLE.
  • For an installment payment with fixed amounts and dates, the value must be set toMULTI: followed by key=value pairs separated by the ";" character .

    The parameters are:

    • "first" indicates the amount of the first installment (populated in the smallest unit of the currency).
    • "count" indicates the total number of installments.
    • "period" indicates the number of days between 2 installments.

      The field order associated with MULTI must be respected.

  • For an installment payment with a customized installment schedule, the value must be set toMULTI_EXT: followed by the date=amount pairs separated by the ";" character.

    The dates must not be passed

The MULTI_EXT value requires a recurring payment to the Advanced installment payment.

Note: The value of vads_capture_delay is not taken into account in the case of payment in installments MULTI_EXT.

Input and output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format enum
Error code 07
Possible values
  • MULTI:first= initial_amount;count=installments_nb ;period=interval_in_days
  • MULTI_EXT:date1=amount1;date2=amount2;date3=amount3
Example 1

MULTI allows to define an installment payment.

The amount of each installment corresponds to the total amount divided by the number of installments.

The amount of the first installment can be different, it can be specified in first parameter.

In case the remaining amount does not equal zero, it will be added up to the amount of the last installment.

Payment request:
  • vads_capture_delay=2
  • vads_currency=978
  • vads_amount=20000
  • vads_payment_config=MULTI:first=10000;count=4;period=30


A first payment of 100 ,00 EUR will be captured by the bank in 2 days (vads_capture_delay).

A second payment of 33,33 EUR will be made in 32 days (vads_capture_delay + period).

A third payment of 33,33 EUR will be made in 62 days.

A fourth payment of 33,34 EUR will be made in 92 days.

The total amount is 200,00 EUR (vads_amount= 20000). The remaining amount has been added to the amount of the last installment.

This instruction allows to immediately create 4 payments with the same transaction number but different sequence numbers (vads_sequence_number).

Example 2

MULTI_EXT allows to define a customized installment schedule. You will be able to define the amount of each installment.

MULTI_EXT : payment request:

  • vads_currency=978
  • vads_amount=10000
  • vads_payment_config= MULTI_EXT:20150601 =5000; 20150701 =2500; 20150808 =2500


The first payment of 50 ,00 EUR is scheduled for June 1st 2015..

The second payment of 25 ,00 EUR is scheduled for July 1st 2015..

The last payment of 25 ,00 EUR is scheduled for August 8th 2015.


The total amount must be equal to the value of the vads_amount field. The date of the last installment cannot be later than 12 months after the date of submission of the form. If the last installment is scheduled later than the card expiry date, no installment will be registered and the buyer will be notified about this issue.

Category Transaction details.