Description of response codes

Table 1. responseCode
responseCode Description
OK Action successfully completed.
NOT_ALLOWED Action not authorized.
NOT_AUTHORIZED Changing the order specified is prohibited.


The modification of an order is possible in two cases:
  • No Payment associated with this order
  • One or more declined payments associated with this order.
OFFER_NOT_FOUND The order ID does not exist.
BAD_SIGNATURE Bad signature.
RECIPIENTS The recipients list may not be null or empty and must not exceed the number of 100 e-mail addresses.
RECIPIENT The specified e-mail address is invalid.
SUBJECT The subject of the message can not be null.
MESSAGE The body of the e-mail can not be null.
CTX_MODE The connection mode can be only "TEST" or "PRODUCTION".
DEVICE Can be only populated with "MAIL".
VALIDITY_DATE The validity parameter is invalid.
AMOUNT The amount parameter is invalid.
VALIDATION_MODE The validationMode parameter is invalid.
TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND The e-mail template does not exist.