Modify a payment order by e-mail

The update function allows to create a payment order. It takes as input the following parameters:

Field name Type Description Required
entity paymentOfferEntity Parameters for the modification of a payment order (see paymentOfferEntity)
wsSignature string Signature

The signature computation is done using the parameters in the following order:

shopId, offerId, reference, ctxMode, amount, currency, locale, message, recipients, subject, validationMode, validity, sendMail, expandedData

Notes :

In the signature computation:

  • The dateTime fields must be formated in YYYYMMDD.

    Example : 2016-06-22T23:00:00+00:00 becomes 20160622

  • The string field recipients should be in brackets [...]. The e-mail addresses must be separated by a comma and a space.



    [email1, email2, email3]

The update function returns a paymentOfferResponse response type.