The paymentOfferInfo type allows to describe the parameters for a creation of a payment order by e-mail.

Table 1. paymentOfferInfo
Field name Type Description Required
shopId Long n8 Shop ID
reference string an24 Transaction ID or order reference  
ctxMode string Defines the mode of interaction with the payment gateway.
  • TEST
amount long The amount of the transaction presented in the smallest unit of the currency (ex: cent for Eur).
currency int Currency code of the transaction (ISO 4217 standard).

E.g.: 978 for euro (EUR)

locale string Language code used to send notifications (e-mail or SMS payment confirmation)

List of available languages

Language ISO 639-1 standard
German de
English en
Chinese zh
Spanish es
French fr
Italian it
Japanese ja
Dutch nl
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Russian ru
Swedish sv
message* string an2000 Body of the e-mail message sent.
recipients Array [1-100] List of e-mail addresses.

An order is created by recipient (min 1, max 100).

subject* string an255 Subject of the e-mail message sent.
validationMode int Payment validation mode :
  • 0 = Automatic (by default)
  • 1 = Manual.
validity dateTime Validity date of the order.

Can not be less than the current date and may not exceed 90 days.

Date in ISO 8601 format defined by W3C.

Example : 2016-07-16T19:20:00Z.

sendMail boolean Sends the e-mail to the recipient if true.
expandedData string Allows to add dynamically any of the form field.


Create a payment order n times and in English

Propose the registration of the card during payment


Make a one-click payment

device string Possible value = « MAIL »
template string

Name of the e-mail template used for the payment order.


* The fields message and subject become optional when template is filled.