Merchant server

For security reasons related to payments and in order to avoid fraudulent operations, the embedded form relies on a merchant server that must be provided by you.

This server responds to several needs:

  • Ensure that the transactions to be transmitted to the payment gateway correspond to purchases on your merchant website and that the amounts and currencies match.
  • Securely store your communication keys with the payment gateway.
  • Receive instant notifications from the payment gateway upon each payment event (accepted, rejected, etc.).

Authentication keys

Three keys are needed for authenticating your exchanges with the payment gateway:

Server to server key For calls to Web Services.
JavaScript key For creating a payment form in the Buyer's browser.
Signature key In order to check the authenticity of the data returned to the IPN or during the return of the payment form in the browser.

Se connecter au Back Office Expert

Les clés sont disponibles dans le Back Office Expert. Pour y accéder, il faut d’abord se connecter au Back Office Lyra Collect. The merchant must identify him/herself by entering his/her login and password.

  1. Connectez-vous au Back Office Lyra Collect:

  2. Saisissez votre identifiant de connexion.
  3. Saisissez votre mot de passe.
  4. Cliquez sur Connexion.

Finding the keys

Depuis le Back Office Lyra Collect, cliquez sur Autres actions. La fenêtre suivante s’affiche:

Cliquez sur Back Office Expert pour accéder à votre Back Office Expert.

In the Settings > Shop menu, select your shop and go to the REST API keys tab.

The tab contains all the information required for authentication:

Keys of server to server calls

The REST payment Web Services use Basic HTTP authentication for securing the calls between the merchant server and the payment gateway servers (see Authentication phase for more information). In order to proceed to authentication, you need a login and a password.

Ces informations sont à récupérer dans l’onglet Clés d’API REST du Back Office Expert :

User Username for building the header Authorization string.
Test password Password for building the header Authorization string for test transactions (with test cards).
Production password Password for building the header Authorization string for production transactions (with real cards).

For more information on the implementation, see Implementation using different programming languages.

The IPN signature is computed with the password. For more information, go here Use IPN (notification URL).

I do not have an active account

Si vous n’avez pas encore accès au Back Office Lyra Collect, des jeux de clés de démonstration sont mis à votre disposition :

Test user 69876357
Test password testpassword_DEMOPRIVATEKEY23G4475zXZQ2UA5x7M
Public test key 69876357:testpublickey_DEMOPUBLICKEY95me92597fd28tGD4r5
HMAC SHA256 test key 38453613e7f44dc58732bad3dca2bca3
Base URL
URL for the JavaScript client

These keys are 100% functional. Par contre, il n’est pas possible d’accéder au Back Office Lyra Collect sans avoir de compte personnel.