Transaction lifecycle

Each transaction goes through different statuses that are set using two parameters:

  • status: simplified transaction status
  • detailedStatus: detailed transaction status

Status parameter

The status parameter contains the simplified status of the transaction:

  • It allows to simply know if the transaction has been paid or not.
  • It remains the same regardless of the payment mode.

The possible values are presented in the following table. If the END column is checked, it means that the transaction status will not change without a specific action on the merchant’s part (such as cancellation).

status Description END
PAID The transaction has been paid
RUNNING The transaction is being processed  
UNPAID The transaction has not been paid

detailedStatus parameter

The detailedStatus parameter provides detailed information on the payment status. Each of the statuses is specific to the used payment method.

detailedStatus status Description END
ACCEPTED PAID Status of a VERIFICATION type transaction for which the authorization or inquiry has been accepted. This status cannot change. Transactions with the "ACCEPTED" status are never captured at the bank. A VERIFICATION transaction is created when a token without payment is created or updated.
AUTHORISED PAID The amount is authorized and will be captured automatically.  
CAPTURED PAID The transaction amount has been authorized.
PARTIALLY_AUTHORISED PAID The transaction has been partially paid.  
AUTHORISED_TO_VALIDATE RUNNING The transaction, created in manual validation mode, is authorized. The merchant must manually validate the transaction for it to be captured at the bank. The transaction can be validated as long as the expiration date of the authorization request has not passed. If this date is exceeded, then the payment takes the EXPIRED status. The Expired status is final.  
WAITING_AUTHORISATION RUNNING The transaction has not yet been authorized as the capture delay exceeds the authorization validity period. An authorization request for the total amount will be automatically made on D-1 before the capture date. The capture in the bank is automatic.  
WAITING_AUTHORISATION_TO_VALIDATE RUNNING The payment method has been verified but the transaction has not yet been authorized because the capture delay exceeds the authorization validity period. The authorization request will be triggered automatically on the day before the capture date and a manual intervention will be required to confirm the authorization. There is no guarantee that the authorization request will be accepted.  
REFUSED UNPAID The transaction has been rejected.
ERROR UNPAID An unexpected error has occurred.
CANCELLED UNPAID The transaction has been canceled.
EXPIRED UNPAID The transaction is expired (the merchant did not validate it before the required deadline).

Transaction and order

When a transaction is created, it is embedded in a high-level object: the Payment object. This object contains different statuses of the order, as well as a transaction list.

The order status is defined via the following two parameters:

  • orderCycle: can be OPEN or CLOSED.
  • orderStatus: status parameter consolidation for transactions associated with the order.

For more details, go to: Payment object reference.