Payment order web services

Welcome to the reference documentation for Payment Order REST web services.

List of web services

Description Web service
Create a payment order Charge/CreatePaymentOrder
Obtaining payment order details Charge/PaymentOrder/Get
Updating a payment order Charge/PaymentOrder/Update


Using the createPaymentOrder web service, it is possible to generate a payment order consisting of a payment link and a message.

Several delivery channels are available: e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp. If the Merchant already has a distibution solution, he or she can simply insert the generated link in the message.

The response contains a paymentOrderId reference that allows the Merchant to track the orders that were generated using the PaymentOrder/Get web service.

Once the payment order has been received, the Buyer simply has to click on the link to be redirected to the secure payment page.

When the payment is complete, the merchant website is notified via the Instant Payment Notification URL (IPN).

The notification contains the paymentOrderId order reference, the order status and the status of the performed payment.

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