New payment attempt (retry)

Some orders are not accepted simply because the Buyer makes a mistake when entering their card number. In this case, the payment is rejected, and very often the Buyer abandons their cart. This situation is detrimental for the Merchant as he or she loses the Buyer''s order.

In case of rejected payment, the retry option allows the Merchant to immediately offer their client to redo the payment on the same page, which simplifies the Buyer''s journey and significantly increases the conversion rate.

By default, the retry is set to "3", which means that the Buyer can make 4 payment attempts.

When the Buyer reaches the maximum number of authorized payment attempts, a message appears on the page to inform them about it and the fields can no longer be filled.

The Merchant can also choose to redirect the Buyer to a specific page. To do this, all you need to do is access the initialization parameters of the JavaScript client and populate the kr-post-url-refused field with the URL of the desired return page.

How to change the number of authorized payment attempts?

    "amount": 990,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "transactionOptions": {
        "cardOptions": {
        "retry": 1